On Tuesday night I engaged in my evening ritual, watching day turn to night, veil of the sun setting to reveal the starlit sky. But it seemed as though there was a mist…only four or five stars.
Perplexing. The next day I mentioned it to a friend and they told me about the total solar eclipse. Voila.
It has been insanely hot…so hot, even the birds are not singing. I have been soaking the roots around the Mulberry tree in hopes that this beautiful tree has enough moisture to produce the plump
persian berries to which I have become so addicted. Today I looked at each little berry, and I brewed up a jambath and canned those not quite plump enough. Tasty. I only used one cup of sugar for four cups of Persian Mulberries. After cooking down on a very low heat, I gently stir, keeping the integrity of the berry intact, I remove the berries, cook the juice til it thickens and then re-introduce the berries, bring to a boil and then fill jars. After cleaning edges, I put on the caps carefully and submerge them in water bath for 15 minutes.