I prefer Mulberry jam to door jam.  I just thought it practical to turn the doors so they would open out instead of in…but alas there’s a lock kerfuffle. Locksmith on his way!

There are these quite unusual, scarrob – like transluscent, flourescent beatle esque creatures sucking the life and the juice out of the white kadota figs.I am o.k. with sharing, especially since these beautiful creatures which only show up once a year.  This year they seem to be enjoying the mulberries also.

This last week tried my hand at mulberry syrup, pre-scarrob.  It is looking very rich and I am thinking this syrup will be a fine addition for  an array of holiday recipes. Glazing, stuffing, pudding, cakes. yeowe!  I’ll be keeping it in the cupboard until then.

My friend Kevin West and I are going to do a jamming presentation at Surfas on August 22.  12 – 1:30 p.m.  Be there or be square.  It will be a hands on event, with each participant taking home  a jar filled with a sweet or savory treat of their own making.

We are thinking peaches for sweet and tomatoes and basil and a few california pepperberries for savory.  The details will be published on Surfas website next week.

I have never made bread. nope, not even once.  So yesterday I bought some live yeast from Surfas and my plan is to give it a try tonight.   First I have to sit down with a few books and find a recipe that is for a novice.  I’d really like to try a sourdough with crispy crust.  I’ll keep you posted.