“Saving the Season” at Surfas today 8/22/09…at least 80 people showed up…standing room only. The attendees aged 8 to 80 were curious, engaged and enthusiastically asked really good, concise questions. When someone loves what they do, it really is magnetic and Kevin really loves jamming and canning. In addition to the great peach jam we made today, he brought along some pickled beans and cucumbers. Um Yum… Gotta get those recipes So far, I’ve just done the sweet thing, but after tasting these savory treats; I think I might just try my hand at something new and spicy.

Although I certainly will savor the sweet flavors of the last Summer peaches. I will have O’Henry’s next week and plan to make up and stock up on some Peach jam to brighten up those dreary winter days, implementing some new things that I learned from Kevin…like patience waiting for the mixture to reduce and removing the foam instead of remixing it in. I am inspired to research the alchemy of sugar and fruit….to find out what releases what and what is that foam. My instinct says that the addition of sugar helps release the fruit’s sweetness…but the foam? I’ll keep you posted.

John and Lavender were amazing, navigating the madness with grace, confidence and agility. Thank you. And thanks to Kristin for watching over the stand from 12 – 2.

Keep on jamming. I look forward to hearing from fellow jammers with recipes and tips.

It was a red letter day at the Farm…Roberto tilled in beautiful organic compost in preparation for Autumn planting. I’ll be putting in a cover crop of fava beans, they are a nitrogen fixer, in preparation for a winter planting of additional Blenheim Apricots and Fuyu persimmon trees. I will try to seed and harvest one crop of Kobacha and delicata squash before the rains prevail.