Yesterday morning I canned 6 jars of peach jam, using O’Henry peaches and a little brown sugar. Quite tasty…not too sweet. I was not afraid to really cook it down, stirring constantly and removing the foam.  The final consistency was quite firm…somewhere between a spoon and fork jam.

I really enjoy the process. I don’t always do things the easiest way, but I kind of bond with the process. Today, I jammed up wild plums; they are way to tiny to consider peeling before hand, so I just put the tiny little plums in the pot and let them faint; then I turned up the heat, once the skins detached I simply removed them carefully with a fork. I continued to stir them…it takes a long time (say 15 minutes for all the flesh to detach from the tiny pit. I then picked out the pits, put them in a strainer above the pot and stirred them until the pits were clean and let the last bit of plum drip into the pot. It came out quite thick. I only added one half cup brown sugar. I like canning in small batches. It took about one half hour start to finish. This will make a nice holiday gift. I saved the two tablespoonfuls that did not fit in the jar, for my morning yoghurt. Yum.