The Delicata and Kobacha seeds have sprouted.  I started them in some old cardboard boxes and have just transplanted them in to an assortment of recycled paper towel cores and 2″ pots.   I will plant them in the newly tilled field at the farm next week.  They take 90 days to  harvest, so I am hoping for no frost days til mid December.   I also started some 27 day…yes, hard to believe 27 day lettuce mix.  I planted those seeds in shoe boxes.  Think we’ll just be harvesting from the shoeboxes in 20 more days.

Cara from Tavern is coming by to pick up 3 pints of wild plum sauce.  She is going to experiment with a marinade for vegetables as well as maybe to add to a dessert for the fundraiser this Monday for the School Lunch Fundraiser at the Spiraling Orchard  1250 W. Court Street, Los Angeles 90033 213-481-8113.