So many seeds and other things have sprouted since my last posting.

The Fava beans, kale , squashes and mixed greens are in the ground.  We had record breaking heat, so all these little seeds are off to a good start.

Second night at the farm, Lefty the blue eyed dog, best friend, buddy of mine got skunked.  There was a racket on the front porch.  Oops, Lefty scrambled out and phsoosh that skunk got him.  My good friend, Suzanne , who I had called,  to exclaim that the skunk was now locked on the front porch, went online and found the antidote of a hydrogen peroxide and dishsoap cocktail.  Luckily I had both on hand.  In the meantime, I made my way outside, around the house to quietly open the front porch door from the outside.  I made my way back around to the back door to begin applying the antidote to poor Lefty who was quivering in the wake of the stink… Although the peroxide was great…it turns out that vinegar is the best!  It took many applications of vinegar to all porous surfaces to return the house to it’s original aroma.

On to tastier events.  I did it.  I finally made my first two loaves of bread.  Sourdough ciabatta to be exact.  Quite lovely.  It was a six hour party  ( me, the yeast and a lot of flour, some water, a lot of hand strength, some salt and a whole lot of enthusiasm) resulting in two loaves of crunchy crusted, light and tasty bread.  I followed Jerry’s (Surfas Breadmaking Demonstration, September 12) directions , which I don’t do often…But it worked…and I am a very happy camper and all who shared the bounty enjoyed the bread as well as my joy.

I drove north to S.F. to take Anna a dresser, unearthed from the storage area I painted it, loaded it up in the Subaru for her new bedroom which is closetless.  We spent two lovely days together.  I found my way to the Civic Center Farmer’s market and two CCOF farmers from Chico/Sacramento area and filled her fridge with fresh goods before I headed back to 3R.

Upon my return I found the fava beans had sprouted and the kobacha and delicatas had grown about three inches…that is, the ones the rabbits didn’t trim back.

Bye for now!