It is August; the days are still hot, but the cool evening breeze has a way of removing even the recollection of the beads of sweat and aching bones. It is August and the Showers of Persiad delight the brave and lucky skyward-gazing , star-bathing souls who venture into the midnight garden.  It is August and time to till and amend the soil for Fall planting.   It is August and the winter squash, melons and cucumbers are filling the beds.  It is August and the hills are dry so the deer really appreciate all the green fresh goodies in the garden.  It is August.

It is nearing the end of Mulberry Season and I have decided to savor these last two harvests and make jam; well it is really mulberries in syrup; I call it jambath. Yesterday I canned 16 – 4 oz. jars and 2 – 8 oz. jars. These syrups aka jambath are divine toppings for yoghurt, ice cream or creme fraiche. I did two variations…#1. lemon verbena and #2. 86% chocolate which is a bit like nutella, but with mulberries. Upon the suggestion of several friends and customers I decided to try drying the Mulberries. The flavor and texture create a simply delicious morsel of delight.  I will dry some more from the next harvest tonight.

Yesterday was busy; in addition to canning I also baked some kale. This is a newfound way to prepare my most favorite leafy vegetable. Cut into 1 – 2″ squares , lightly bathed in olive oil and salt, then baked at 450, turning every 5 minutes, these make for a healthy crunchy snack. I was especially gladdened when a science camp full of 12 year old girls, loved these tasty morsels. (Last week, I was lucky enough to work at a Summer Science Camp, presenting facts and fun about nutrition, farming and sustainability). It was a great experience; the girls were engaged, enthusiastic and curious.

Savoring the flavors of the season by canning is a very optimistic endeavor and working at this Science Camp was an optimistic experience.

It is August.

Persian Mulberry

All around the Mulberry Tree