Oh my goodness, it is actually the end of September.

Just yesterday, Rick Perillo came up to the farm and volunteered.He worked so hard and accomplished so much. We pulled out the last of the lettuce and he carefully rebuilt all the circles and the furrows. We added compost and gypsum and slowly but surely are preparing for Fall planting. We pulled out the last of the corn last week.

The big, literally the big news of the Summer, was our 32 pound watermelon. Yes, 32 pounds and it was delicious too. We are also harvesting the lovely”Lily” crenshaw melon. Aromatic, sweet, a perfect Summer treat. I have harvested almost all of the Winter Squash, Kabocha and Delicata. The garden is looking a little bare, but it is time to work the soil. I did direct seed some onions, lettuce and I tried some last minute beans, which are really pumping and I actually think I will beable to harvest a few before Winter’s cold. Last weekend Nick and I planted nine flats of red onions, three kinds of lettuce, arugula, cauliflower collard greens, rapini and spigariello liscia. I return to the farm tomorrow morning and once the heat subsides, look forward to planting these seedlings in the garden.

I also harvested Fuji apples last week. They are really juicy and crunch and sweet.   I did a 50/50 split with the deer.  I did have quite a bit of coddling moth damage, even though Nick and I were diligent in making a home brew of deterrent in early Spring. Next year, we will prepare more jars of deterrent and maybe get a handle of these invasive moths.

One really exciting thing I implemented this Summer was using my early green and early crab apples for pectin. It was like magic. I made some apricot jam and gently tossed a handful of quartered green apples in to the brew and bingo…gelled right up. Too hot to think about canning this week, but I am looking forward to late season peach jam.

The Fuyu persimmons have a blush of orange and I am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. There is nothing as sweet as a dried persimmon. The first year I made them I overlooked peeling them and each one just plopped to the floor. There is truth in learning from your mistakes. Persimmon cookies are among my favorites. Their consistency is more like pudding cookies; a lovely Autumn treat. It is September.

oh, and the Chorisia Speciosa in Culver City is in full bloom. The hummingbirds playfully delight in dipping and diving in the pinkness. I planted this tree 27 years ago when Joshua was born. It is a beautiful and strong tree…and Joshua is a beautiful and strong man.

It is September.